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Stevia Technical Consultation Services  


Why you need technical consultation for commercial cultivation?

There's a saying that the three most important factors in planting from seeds are "germination, germination, germination". Well, in stevia cultivation, it's "technique, technique, technique,". In order to deliver the very best seedlings ready for transplanting, you need the very best pioneers in stevia cultivation.

Planting stevia is very tricky process. With small fragile seeds like stevia you need more than just horticulturists. You need a leading stevia agronomist with extensive knowledge and experience in breeding techniques, protocols, propagating, cultivating and harvesting. With the global market demand for high TSG (Total Steviol Glycoside) and high Reb-A (Rebaudioside A) producing plants, there is a huge demand for agronomic and farm management expertise. This is why we provide not only the most passionate, and most dedicated talents in stevia cultivation, but also the most recognized innovator in stevia developing world.

We are confident that our technical consultation services will allow your stevia cultivation project to increase yields with multiple harvests attainable each year. Our consultant has been successful in producing new stevia genotypes higher in both Reb A content and leaf yield.

If your company is planning for commercial cultivation of stevia and seeking technical consultation services please email consult@everstevia.com


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