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Does Sweet Craving Drive you crazy? Do You Crave for Sugar all the time?

I heard many people complaining about sweet cravings "Sweets Drive Me Crazy; Why do I crave sugar all the time?".

Well! Sugar craving is a form of addiction similar to those produced by drug withdrawal. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to treat addictions, but there are many other ways to block the effects of the sweets. Human body learns quickly that sugar means energy. When this energy runs through the body system, it translates into a good mood. However, that good mood lasts just as long as the sugar in the blood stays above a certain level. As soon as the amount of sugar drops below that particular level, the mood changes and the body starts craving for sugar again. These mood swings are hard to resist and the promise of the next fix is so tempting that many people have no idea they’re hooked on something that is not healthy. How can a sugar addict break the addiction?

First you need to acknowledge the truth about your addiction and admit that you’re using a substance to prop up your mood.

Second, you need to identify hidden sugar in the foods you eat. Do you know that a lot of food have enough sugar in them to cause the mood swings? Such as sauces, dips, yogurts and ready-to-eat foods.

Third, which is the most important thing is to eat food that suppress your appetite and keep your metabolism going for most of the day so you feel full for longer time.  Small amount of nuts for example, (8 - 10 almonds a day) ones a day between meals will help satisfy your hunger.  Eat four smaller meals a day, eat a lot of proteins like hard boiled eggs, turkey, fish, chicken breast etc.  Do you know that if you eat green vegetables together with meat (preferably white meat) make you feel not hungry for long time. Simply because meat and vegetables take longer to digest.  They help you lose weight quickly if you eat them without carbs? Try to use other alternatives to sugar such as fruit juice, honey, molasses,  maple syrup or Stevia.  Stevia is 0 calorie and carbohydrate free.  Unlike artificial sweeteners, it does not contain harmful chemicals and could actually help maintain normal blood sugar levels. You can use stevia in baking and cooking.  It will reduce sugar consumption and helps you satisfy your sweet craving without adding sugar to the food.

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