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Stevia & Weight Management!

In this lifetime artificial sweeteners may seem to be the answer to lower calorie diets; however, there are now concerns that such sweeteners may cause adverse health effects. Actually, side effects of excessive use of artificial sweeteners have been reported: they include dizziness, headaches, fatigue, numbness, memory loss, vision problems, and muscle spasms after the consumption of aspartame.

Aspartame contains phenylalanine and aspartic acids and methanol that is  considered toxic. Stevia doesn't have any toxic.  Indeed, it has been proven to be safe and healthy .

Healthy Performance focuses on two goals: eating smaller portions of healthy food and be physically active. This is the most comprehensive and proven weight-loss way your doctor would recommend. You Do Not need to spend fortune to lose weight. You can do it yourself if you know the trick:

The first step is to get rid of your body toxins that have invaded the cells and have caused damage and destruction already. How?

Green vegetables including green leaves are good to start with as a detox cleanser.  They will help give you the energy and clean your body system. Next up are the Proteins. These will help build and repair tissues in the body that have been damaged or destroyed by the toxins.

The second step is to drink at least 8 cups of water a day. Water sets the body’s metabolic thermostat. When there is not enough water in the body, your body goes into survival mode; it drops its temperature and conserves heat by storing fat for insulation. On the other hand, with sufficient water, body temperature rises and fat is burned. So be sure to drink up! Also, keep in mind that fiber wouldn't work if you don't drink enough water!

What would you do with sugar graving? Stop using sugar and artificial sweeteners in your daily food, baking, tea, coffee or cakes. Substitute sugar with Stevia.  It may aid in losing or managing weight as it contains no calories and no carbohydrates. Remember to reduce carbs from everything you eat. Keep in mind that these starchy carbohydrates when digested, will turn to sugar in the body.  Less carbs, less sugar, and less chemicals will help you lose weight.

Of course dieting is a lifestyle choice.  You will definitely lose weight by avoiding the foods rich in sugar, but we cannot be sure if this is the best way for everyone who is dieting.  If you want to lose a substantial amount of pounds in a certain number of weeks, then you better consult your physician or your dietitian who will  work out a customized eating plan.  This eating plan is a long-term maintenance solution and a good idea, especially for those who eat a lot of sweets and carbs.


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